Operational Effectiveness

Our services:

Lean Processes

Using Lean methods, we will map existing processes in your operations, identify wastes, and design improved processes to reduce cycle times and increase throughput.


We will analyse your purchases of production and non-related materials (NPR), energy, and services and generate scenarios for volume bundling, cost reduction and alternative sourcing.

Inventory and working capital

We will analyse your working capital, including inventories, trade receivables, and trade payables, and make recommendations to optimise working capital and cash flow.

Production and supply chain footprint

We will analyse your constellation of prodution sites, distribution centers, or depots in terms of customer focus and cost and develop strategic optimisation scenarios.


Using make or buy analysis, we will review your operations to determine possible outsourcing opportunities.

Performance Measurement

We will help you measure your operational improvement initiatives with key performance initiatives and a balanced score card.

Tip for Success:

"Operational effectiveness means performing similar activities better than rivals perform them.... Such differences in operational effectiveness are an important source of differences in profitability..."

Michael Porter

Our Experience:

  • Rationalisation of a distribution network for a Scandinavian industrial concern in Eastern Europe.
  • Optimisation of a European manufacturing footprint belonging to an international rolling stock producer./li>
  • Reduction of cycle times using Lean in a German network of rail maintenance facilities owned by a UK transport provider