Our services:

Business integration 

We‘ll create a post merger business model and milestone plan to integrate customers, products, channels and markets

Operational integration 

We can design a post-merger operating model, addressing new organisational structures, integrated processes, and an optimised supply chain footprint

PMO & integration implementation 

We can establish and manage the integration project management office (PMO), and ensure timely implementation of all integration milestone plans


Tip for Success:

"The integration is the key to value. If you don’t get the companies integrated, you will have paid too much!"

M&A Expert

Our Experience:

  • Implementation of integration milestone plan for a Scandinavian investor in Eastern Europe.
  • Benchmarking of combined European product portfolios following an acquisition by a North American industrial concern. Basis for product rationalisation and new product development.
  • Definition of new organisational structures for a business unit with European-wide sales and production
  • Design of post-merger business model to allocate products, customers and markets for multi-site manufacturing group in Eastern Europe.