Our services:


Using standard methodologies we will value your company or assets (plant, property, equipment or materials) and develop a pricing strategy.

Preparation for market

To help you maximise price and increase the chances of an eventual sale, we will identify improvement actions and implement them for you.

Seller‘s exposeé

We‘ll prepare a comprehensive presentation or seller‘s exposeéée to showcase the company or assets you plan to sell.

Active search and contact

We‘ll identify and contact potential buyers. We can also advertise your company or assets in in the appropriate media, including internet, trade journals or industry newsletters.

Negotiation and Deal Closing

We'll develop a negotiation strategy, lead deal negotiations, and guide you to a successful sale

Tip for Success:

"Selling a business is largely about setting realistic expectations, avoiding surprises and just plain hanging in there. It can be an arduous journey, but one with a very tangible (and rewarding) light at the end of the tunnel."

Barbara Taylor

Our Experience:

  • Valuation and due diligence of 12 Polish industrial companies as basis for privatisation and direct sale.