Our services:

Active search and contact

We‘ll identify, research, analyse, and contact potential target companies which match your strategy and deal criteria

Due Diligence

We can provide you a multidisciplinary team to perform a due diligence of the main functional areas of your target company


Using standard methodologies we will value your target firm and assist you in developing a bidding strategy


We‘ll help you plan and secure the financing for your acquisition including establishing contact and negotiating with potential lending institutions and equity partners

Negotiation and Deal Closing

We'll develop a negotiation strategy, lead deal negotiations, and guide you to a successful deal close

Tip for Success:

"Pinpoint and spell out the merger objectives."

Willard F. Rockwell, Jr

Our experience:

  • Acquisition of Czech manufacturing concern on behalf of Italian investor. Due diligence, deal negotiation, and purchase agreement signing.
  • Due diligence of large German-based industrial division with multiple European manufacturing sites on behalf of North American investor.